More Arcadia Fixes

Continuing to work on the Arcadia rework, both in terms of testing and making some last minute graphics! Here are four new treats/curse-icons:

The first is a curse that makes everything slightly harder. More difficult patterns, the enemies have slightly higher HP and so on. We had a treat version of this where everything is slightly easier as well, but we felt it was a kind of lame treat so we actually threw it away for now. 

The second is the icon for the curse that causes blinding mushrooms to spawn in the Arcade rooms.

The third is a treat that makes Loods more likely to spawn, and the fourth is a treat that makes items cheaper in the Arcade Mode stores. 

Next up we have two new masks! These will be rewards for the Tai Ming and Mount Bloom floors respectively. To unlock these you will need to get S rank on both floors the corresponding mask belongs to. 

Next, the drop appearance for time crystals (the item that allows you to restart the floor where you died), and a Level Up icon that is presented to you by Grindea statues, as a blessing.

If you build the Aquarium, there's a girl available that you might have previously met in Seasonne. Because this area isn't as cold, she doesn't have to wear her hood around here: 

As such, I needed to modify her portrait to fit her new sprite: 

Ideally this is one of the portraits I'd remake in that final batch of remaking all portraits before the game is complete, but until it's time to do that, here's the current portraits next to eachother: 

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  1. I'm REALLY anxious about this rework @_@

  2. Will you be attempting to add extra steam achievements for story and arcade modes when this launches on stable?

    1. It's a possibility! We haven't thought about that much at this point :)