Shrines & Blessings Graphics

Let's start this week with some more of Fred's things! As you know, we've added a couple of new rooms to Arcadia, shrines and blessings. Of course, last time we took a look at these new rooms they lacked in the animation department, so here's the animation Fred made for when you trigger one of the Shrines: 

In the actual game, a text describing the effect of the shrine (in more or less vague terms) will also appear:

The icon in the middle of the shrine helps determine the effect of the shrine as well. Right now there are seven different buffs available:

The green shoe represents haste, which gives your character increased movement speed. The sword increases damage, shield the hp of your shield. The heart gives you a slight heal whenever you complete a room in time for an S-rank, the blue blast is for a buff that increases knockback, the gren clock is a cast and attack-speed buff and the purple bubbles is for an EP-buff! 

The blessing rooms have gotten their animation as well, featuring the chest opening and revealing the content of your blessing.

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