Desert Enemy Update

The enemy prototyping continues! This week a lot has happened. First, we change our mind about the bird mechanic I mentioned previously, with different eggs causing different mishaps if you let them hatch. We agreed it got a little bit too crazy and reminded everyone a bit too much of the Mimic battle you just completed, so instead we've been playing around with each egg hatching a swarm of smaller birds to harass the player!

In this first version (above) we used the bat swarm as placeholder graphics for the swarm to test it out. At this point it was also possible to end a swarm by hitting it, however, since you can't remove bat swarms by hitting them, and this mechanic will work and look in a similar way, we decided that you won't be able to in the final version. 

Below you can see the version with the proper bird graphics, made by Fred: 

As you can see in the image above, we've also started working on the final enemy in the lineup - the Solem! He can now dash towards you, slam his fists into the ground, and he also has a laster that will start firing at you after aiming for a short while: 

In the above GIF there isn't much difference between the aim and the actual laser - the graphics are the same, only when he shoots the laser there's an effect on the ground as well. This was the first thing we wanted to improve, as can be seen below: 

Now the laser is slightly bigger, but before we're fully satisfied we'll probably work on that a bit more - as well as adding a proper charge animation for the Solem (which currently is static, as you can see). Other than that we're actually starting to feel pretty good about this lineup! Just a few more tweaks and we'll be happy I think :) 

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  1. I need this update so much
    I really admire your work on secrets of grindea