GGC 2018!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow is a very busy time for us Pixel Ferrets! It's time for the annual Gotland Game Conference, where we get to go to our old campus and judge the games the students made this year.

This year things are a little different: there are new award categories and a whole new voting system, which means as opposed to previous years we're expected to play all of the games this time! We've always tried to play as many games as possible, but this year it's for real. Yesterday we got split into groups in order to listen to their presentations (which we are to judge as well), then we had the rest of the day until way into the evening to play their games.

Today it continues with another full day of game testing (there are 34 games in total, so as you can imagine playing all of them takes a lot of time)! In the evening we will meet up with the other judges and nominate the games we see fit to win each award. Then we have one final day tomorrow to play any remaining games (especially the ones nominated by the other jurors) before we have to decide on a final winning lineup. At about 19:00 there will be a fancy award ceremony with an after party. Whew!

As you might understand there won't be a lot of work on Grindea during these days - there simply isn't enough time in the day - but I've prepared blog posts for the remainder of the week and will get back to work on Thursday as usual. In the meanwhile, enjoy these pictures, courtesy of Gotland Game Conference's Facebook page!

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  1. cool! I'm a indie developer as well, and it's exciting to read about those kind of conference. Keep the hard work as a judge! Hope that you have fun and discover amazing games