Portrait of an Ice Cream Seller (2)

The second ice cream seller is the fiancé of the previous one! I'm sure he's happy to be able to own such a sweet (ha) business with the love of his life - who wouldn't be?!

Right now we haven't decided on any actual use for the ice creams, though it would certainly be fun to be able to buy some. Feel free to share any ideas you might have on potential uses for them! Is there a consumable type you feel is missing? Want more pet food? Let's hear your ideas!

Finished portrait:

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  1. What I think ~

    If ice creams are stockables itens:

    It could be too exploitable like the old potions system, unless if effects are:

    - Weak, or don't interfere to much on the gameplay, (like: increase the fishing bar for a short duration).

    - Area locked (gelatos only work on "dessert" area)

    - Have strong downsides (greatly increase attack, but lowers defense greatly, also...) [not to creative, I know...]

    But... if the frozen desserts are auto-consumable (consumed as bought):

    They would be less versatily, true... (players needs to: go to desert, buy it, return and go to the place they where... buff time is very reduced, only crazy people would do this [that includes me ^_^;]).

    But, it greatly expands the effects area, as they will be more useful on nearby maps, some that are on my mind:

    - More exp;

    - Fire immunity [desert = burn debuff enemies = fire cacute?];

    - Walk speed up;

    - Heat immunity [it could have a heat-based hazard on part or all desert];

    - Greatly increase the power of ice spells;

    - Makes you stink, enemys ignore/avoid you;

    - Atract a rare desert enemy the only spawn if you have the buff activated;

    - A normal non-consumable that is a pet-capture item;

    - A quest where you need to bring ice cream to some place in time, if not, they melt and you need to redo it.

    Extra: after clearing the desert dungeon, it could have some ice-parlor branch on Evergrind and Arcadia (an ice cream car vendor, maybe?).

    Phew, that took a while, thanks for your work.

  2. I would really like to see some recipes for foods that you can feed your pet, we already have lots of food items and i think that crafting your own pet food would go pretty well with the overall feeling of the game.

    Maybe you could have a quest with the cook in the cafe that gives you something that unlocks recipes, since you don't need them till after you have your first pet. It would be nice with some way of getting more exp for your pet rather then grinding coins for two hours to buy 700 potions and get 1 level on your pet...
    I love the recipes and think they were one of the best features in the game, would love to see more of them in the future, foods and others.