A Strange Dream?

The ghost ship plans continue to unfold, and the next big things we've decided on is to take the player on a strange dream, caused by the ghostly presences on the ship. In this dream, you'll find yourself back in Startington (?!), but it's a quiet, somewhat "wrong" version of itself. Here you need to solve four different challenges in order to find your way back to the ghost ship and continue on your journey.

There will be things in this dream referencing events that have happened in the game this far, with each building in Startington holding its own challenge. In one, you'll need to battle a ton of slimes searching for that one card, in another you'll be pressured to show your skill with the shield. A third urges you to remember you friends, and a forth the dreams you had for the future.

Needless to say, this will be a slightly very surreal world, and we'll be hard pressed to make sure things have just the right amount of eeriness. We've had a ton of crazy, creepy ideas for this part, but our intention isn't to turn into a psychological horror game - we just want approximately 5% of that feeling!

Right now we're still undecided exactly how this place will look graphically - we've got ideas ranging from having it be just regular Startington (without the people - and probably without the song, making it a too quiet, too still version of itself) all the way to going full sepia-toned, dark, with shadows and mists lurking around the edges of the screen. We'll see where it all ends up, and here I think we'll need a lot of help from you guys as you test it out in Frontline.

After the Tai Ming storyline, things have taken a turn for the darker already, but as I said, we don't want it to go full horror. It'll be very interesting to get this right, but I think and hope we will!
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  1. What about a hidden treasure in this strange dream? Would be cool if the players whom explored the buildings inside of the town before this event could find a hint about a secret, like this treasure haha

  2. commit to it, guys. Go full horror. Do you know how awesome and strange and shocking to the average gamer that would be. you are playing this happy game that gets darker and darker and more screwed up. people would be talking. it would be like the hunter x hunter of video games.

    1. i second this. have it be very weird and unsettling. leave the player with a feeling of "uh what the fuck?" it is after all a dream world made by ghosts. it should be spooky as hell!