Spirit World Prototyping

Speaking of the ghost ship, we've been making a ton of prototypes for various challenges and mechanics we'd like to include. First we have a challenge where you need to go between various platforms, and the only way of doing so is entering the spirit world. Only problem is, there's an angry ghost attacking you if you enter his domain - so you can't stay too long or you'll take guaranteed damage. 

We're currently considering whether you'll fall down if you leave the spirit world in the midst of a bridge. The other idea would be that you simply can't leave until you're on solid ground. Since I'm not a fan of hindering the player from using a mechanic like that, I feel like it'd be better to allow the player to leave and fall down - which would presumably lead to you having to redo the challenge and/or losing some hp. 

Next, a variation on the same theme. Here we have a prototype where you battle enemies in the 'real' world, in which you do less damage than you normally would on a similar enemy. Entering the spirit world, you do full damage, but you also get chased by the angry ghost from before! Decisions, decisions...

Finally, and old classic we'd like to include somehow: the good old phase shift puzzle - ghost version. Here, you need to swap between the spirit world and normal world on the fly (ha!), in order to make your way across. 

We have more ideas, and will likely do some more - as well as some tweaks of these, before we settle on what exactly we'd like to include in this dungeon. It's a good start, though!
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