On a side note: Flashback Orbs

As I believe we have mentioned, once you complete Tai Ming, flashback orbs will activate throughout all of Grindea. While we haven't added any just yet, these flashback orbs are set to give you insights into events that happened before you were around; stories of your parents, Zhamla, and other important events that have occurred throughout the world.

As part of the desert update, at least before it gets released on stable, we'll include a set of these with more to be added in later updates.

The ones we'll include in this update features memories that give some insight into your mother's friendship with the fae, how your parents met, and how Zhamla found his first card! While they might not be vital to the story as a whole, we feel that each of these orbs will give some depth to the world and the people within it.

The dialogue for these have already been fully written, but we'll return to actually implement them once the rest of the desert is done; likely while you guys are all busy beta testing those new enemies and boss fights!

In the end, once the game is done, we want to add plenty of these orbs, to give you a glimpse of many different things of the past. Are there any events or characters in particular you'd like to see? Let us know and we'll see what we can do!
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  1. I would like to see something about Winter. What about a orb in the room that we fought against him? :)

  2. I definitely can't wait to see more of Luke in action! I would love to see him leaving his house to become a collector, and everyone's (worried) expressions. :D I also love, love, love Tannie & Pine. After meeting them in arcade mode, I've come to adore the both of them! Pine is so cool, and Tannie so plucky, and I love every bit of it. What would their experiments be like, and how intense is Pine, exactly? Also, on the subject of personal bias, I really want to see the shady merchant trying to sell to other NPC's! Dude has a business to run, and I'm dyin' to know how he does it!! Also, Grandpa Joe and Grandma 'romance' arc? :D

    1. Whoa, a fellow Tannie & Pine lover, +1 about this, I would love to know more about then...

      Now... getting to the point, well... I would choose:

      The Black Ferrets - how on Grindea the most infamous bandit trio got together?

      Master Ivy - If her childhood isn't such a spoiler, I would be pleased with some backstory of the main villain.