Ghost Ship Sneak Peek

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post this week, we just got hit with a cold here at the Pixel Ferrets office, which means the rest of the week will probably be blog-free, unfortunately :( :( 

HOWEVER, I do have a little something for you, and it's a sneak peek of the Ghost Ship!! Yes, I've started working on the backgrounds and what they could/will look like, and here's a first look, if you will - basically I edited some old stuff, made a bunch of new stuff, and mashed it all together into something that would fit an old abandoned ship kind of setting:

For live decorations, we're thinking tiny crabs, and some more scary stuff like shadows and stuff moving around! That will all fall on Fred though, and he's still quite busy doing desert stuff (I too have some stuff remaining, mainly portraits - but I couldn't help but start a little something on the ship since we'll soon be diving into that stuff)!

I'll probably start working on actual rooms and doing some more concept rooms once we feel a little better over here (I swear basically every single person I've met outside the office over the last week has been coughing or sneezing or actually told me they were sick recently so I guess it's just our turn now T__T)

I'll be back with new posts as soon as I can! In the meanwhile I hope you guys fare better, haha.

See you soon!!

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  1. I hope that you get better soon, Vilya!

    It's gonna be sad to have a blog-free week T__T

    Take care

  2. Я каждый день смотрю, что ты сделала. Эх....