Fred's Friday: Eat Your Vegetables

Speaking of vegetables - remember those vegetable enemies Fred made a while ago? Wouldn't be much of an enemy if there's no way for them to appear, or to defeat them, so of course each of them need a spawn and death animation. 

Are you ready to eat your vegetables?  

A few weeks ago we had a discussion about whether we'd include these in the frontline patch or not, since you've been waiting so long and this is "merely" part of a side quest relating to the desert. However, because of the desert taking so long, we decided it's more fun to include a couple of these side quests as well, since they won't take that much extra time to add (we already prepared the graphics anyway). 

Our estimate is to have the patch up and running sometime next week, so unless something unforeseen happens, get ready to battle these cuties very soon! 
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  1. They are to cute, feeling very like "Out To Lunch", a snes game where you need to capture living food... aside from this, what will be (if any) the drops? I'm expecting vegetable hats, but it's possible that they will drop their own food for the said side quest, through, the rabby already drops a carrot...

    I don't know if the this was discursed on the World of Grindea, but I think that there are more space for side mini games (like Robin's arrow one), is there some plans or ideas on this?

    1. I agree with you, Mokai - there is definitely more space for minigames as it would flesh out areas in the game (so that they aren't just there for story sake, and you can revisit them after finding the secrets). However, I think the general community and devs would prefer it if the main game was finished before stuff like this was added.

    2. Thank you for your comments! As Mystic BBQ says, while we have a bunch of ideas for similar mini-games (and other optional challenges), we try to focus on finishing the main story at the moment! After that's done we hope to add more :)