Where is the Patch?!

It's Friday, and a couple weeks ago I estimated that by now the patch would arrive! However, as you've certainly noticed, no patch has been uploaded yet - so what has happened? Well the short version is that we wanted to make things more interesting (don't we always), so the added work has pushed the patch forward by a couple of days. 

In other words, we hope to release the patch in the beginning of next week, instead! Serves me right for making estimates, they just never end up being correct...

Anyway, in the meanwhile, have some sneak peeks of what you'll see in the upcoming patch, starting with a couple of animations for the desert carpenter: 

There's also a couple new items, two of which are shown below: 

Due to something you may or may not do, there will be changes in the desert map: 

A new type of halloweed?!

Aaand a ton of new expressions for people you'll interact with: 

Stay tuned, and let's hope my next estimate of the patch releasing next week will actually be right this time!!

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