Another Math Cave

ALL RIGHT. Let's get on with these math caves. In the second cave system, this special entrance is where you need to solve a sequence of six numbers in order to proceed to the actual math puzzles. Here's the prototype used by Teddy at the moment:  

And now it's my turn to transform this into something that looks more finished. This time around I made a video featuring how I made this entrance, as well as the reward cave that is unlocked after you've finished the math puzzles within:

Here's the finished backgrounds:

...why the reward room has another stairway leading below ground? Oh, that's so you can access another cave system which has a (literally) never ending supply of math puzzles!

..., I'm not joking.
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1 comment:

  1. Infinite math puzzles? Are there rewards hmmmm??
    This seems like a nice addition to the game, an infinite supply of maybe randomly generated math puzzles. Is the puzzle block tower the same way? Can I be in the game?
    Keep up the updates, they keep me hyped!