Fred's Friday: Skeleton Enemies

Meanwhile, Fred has been a busy necromancer, animating a bunch of skeletons (haaaaha - get it?):

The above are, as you might realize from the sword, the melee version! The magic user version looks slightly different and has another color scarf as well:

As Fred made these sprites, he came up with a rather interesting idea: to be able to cut off the head of the skeletons and have it turn into a different enemy (kind of like a Jumpkin). The idea was born as he made the head on a separate layer and removed the layer from the animation:

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1 comment:

  1. The bouncing head seems like a pretty fun idea, as it's been a while since we faced the previous jumpkin-like enemies (the shroomie) when we get to the ghost ship. Another interesting direction you could take this idea would be to have the head shatter instead, leaving the body to flail around randomly.