Monday Meeting: Ghost Ship Floor 2 & 3

It was a while since we had a meeting, but now it's time to start getting serious about the Ghost Ship, and design the 2nd and 3rd floors! Today we sat down and discussed what kind of things we'd like to see, and brainstormed various design ideas for how the floors could look.

We already had some basics down: we wanted there to be a kitchen and dining area for the ship's crew on the 2nd floor, and a grand ballroom, a set of cabins as well as the captain's bedroom on the 3rd. With this information in mind we made a bunch of sketches, quickly discarding a few of them.

Here's one of our ideas for floor 2: 

A quick sketch for one of the "puzzle" rooms: 

The 3rd floor:

And one of the versions we scratched:

As before, we're not quite sure about how some of the puzzles will look in the end, so I'll probably stay away from making backgrounds for those rooms until we have some kind of prototype, focusing instead of the more static rooms such as the basic battle rooms!
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