Planning Ahead

Speaking of the future polish stage, I thought it's time to take a look at what's ahead of us. We're actually very close to the end, believe it or not (though "very close" in this case likely means dev time for quite a while yet).

In terms of what we have left story wise, we're talking one more regular dungeon (the ghost ship, which you've already seen a bit of), and then a special dungeon to tie it all together: a dungeon that will be a combination of all the previous dungeons made into one.

Our ideas for the final dungeon are varied, but one of the key parts is that we will be reusing previous enemies, but add a twist: they will be improved versions, not only stronger but likely also having one or more new attacks. There will also be mixed enemies from various parts of the game.

Our goal with this final dungeon is to bring all the parts of the game together, so there will be a little bit of everything, both in terms of enemies and areas, but also characters you've met and interacted with throughout the game. Because we'll in part reuse enemies and area graphics, we hope it won't take as crazily long to make compared to the other dungeons - but on the other hand a final dungeon needs a certain level of epicness, so, well...

But what about after this final dungeon, what then? As you know if you've been following this blog, we've talked a lot about adding things to each part of the game before we actually call it a day and release it as 1.0. That of course entrails more sidequests and the added story scenes I've been talking about before, but our "wishlist" for what we'd love to add is huge and it will probably be impossible to add everything - but one can hope.

Here's a few things from our list (note that these are some things we wish to add; it doesn't necessarily mean we will add them - it kind of depends on how long we think it'll take and how we feel about these things at the end - and there are plenty more, as well):

We'd like to have more dialogues and other such things about the 'gaming' aspect of the world. In certain areas there's already parts where scientists have investigated things such as card drops and the science behind some things in the game, but we'd like to add even more. We're talking things such as people talking about them having leveled up or unlocked new skills, someone talking about a rare drop they found, people commenting on how OP some combos are, and so on.

Some random UI improvements:
* An indicator for when someone is typing in the chat (such as a speech bubble with a pen or something, simply to show people why you're standing still but aren't in the menu)
* Add an indicator on players with low health (such as a red circle beneath a character beneath a certain hp %)
* A progress bar for Trophies

We'd like to add Collector NPCs out in the fields as well - it can feel kind of empty right now, and it'd be cool to see Collectors out there doing what they do best: collecting things!

Lots of more arena challenges, including PVP.

More mini-games and other optional content, such as a quiz-like thing in the library (which also needs to get implemented, of course), a tower of block puzzles near Mount Bloom (you've probably already seen the exterior of the building).

Some kind of mechanic that gives you a Collector rank based on how many items you have, or something similar - basically give collecting some meaning! Right now the whole Collector thing isn't really used much mechanics wise (or even story wise), and we'd like to improve on that.

Are there any such things you'd like to see in the game before the 1.0 release? Let us know and who knows what might make it into the game! :)

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  1. I wanna be in the game, put me in coach! In all seriousness Grindea is already one of my favorite games. The mechanics were already good enough to begin with, but Grindea has a story with depth and connectivity that's rare in games these days. Whereas some games might have foreshadowing, you have subplots throughout the whole game that come together in the most unexpected ways! The writing is top notch, and with a good game supporting it, Grindea is probably one of the best indie games of all time. It's a shame more people don't play it. As long as you keep doing what you do best and deliver a knockout backstory and plot for this back end, I'll be happy. And even if you don't, well I already play the game to death :D.

    1. Thank you so much! Comments like this mean a lot to us in keeping us motivated :D We'll do our best to finish the game in a spectacular fashion ;)

    2. Yeah, fully agree, it really is one of the bests of it's genre, I'm already excited to see what type of game Pixel Ferrets will make after Grindea.

  2. Superbosses! Optional bosses like in Final Fantasy! (maybe some DLC, up to you whether it's paid! Could add new areas and stuff idk). A big change that I'd like to see though is more obvious transitions to areas, for example before you enter the desert there is no indicator of a desert, then you go into it and it's massive and there's sand everywhere - surely some has been swept into some other parts of Grindea!