Stable Animations

And now an update from the programming and animation department!

Teddy and Fred have been working hard on adding the remaining Flashback Orbs, which which means there's a ton of new sprites and animations needed. First one of young Zhamla casting a spell:

Vilya beating someone up: 

Young mandrake's design and animations of him walking threateningly and running away from something scary: 

And a bunch of designs for an ancient piece of weaponry, once meant for Phaseman. Unfortunately (?) for the player, the piece ended up sold and shipped off on a certain ship instead. The first time we'll see this ancient relic is in the flashback orb with Tannie and Professor Pine, but I have a feeling you'll see it again, somewhere...

Since we're adding a bunch of quests, drops and a few craftables, there'a also a bunch of items to be made. Here we have the given #1 favorite weapon for all classes, a book:  

And the #1 favorite housing item for every player in the world, the cat food bowl in action: 

Who can't wait to fill their house with cats?!
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