Patch Day!

Today it's patch day! On frontline we now have a bunch of new quests, items, craftables, and so on! Also, sound effects!! 

So basically, the patch you'll be able to play today is what we intend as a release for Stable, once all the bugs have been ironed out. As always, we're super interested in hearing your feedback on these new additions, so please go ahead and share your thoughts! 

I'd say the main thing we added aside from a bunch of quests are the memory orbs, of which there are five in total. Can you find them all?

These next few days Teddy will be busy with bug fixing (unless through some miracles there's none to be fixed), while me and Fred will get back to the ghost ship. First though, here's a few additional things you'll be able to find in the game now that I didn't show before:

We also decided to change the name and shop title for the potion salesman, which was previously simply 'The Potion' and is now what you see below:

...and a bunch of other fixes/additions, although I never saved those after I made them. Oh well! You might as well just jump into the game and see all of this for yourselves instead :D
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