Shop Titles

Just a few more thing we've managed to forget: the shop titles for all of the shop! We've been so busy making things for them to sell that we actually managed to forget they need graphics for the shop's interfaces.... Oh well, that's an easy fix: 

All of the shops in Port Monnaie will carry new unique items, though some will also sell things available earlier in the game. The Potion shop will work just like Remedi's Alchemy and will allow you to change your potions; which, by the way, will be an added function to the potion shop in Tai Ming as well (though if you've played so far as to reach the desert, I'm afraid you won't be able to access the Tai Ming shop anymore).

The Jar, Souvenir and Carpet shops will all be focused on housing items, while the others will carry new gear; Helmut & Headgear carries hats, Topaz' accessories, Shield + Guard armors and shields, and Blade and Arms sell, unsurprisingly, weapons.

Another thing that remained was making these expressions for Professor Pine and Tannie in the flashback orb showing their work on stopping Zhamla:

And now, finally, with the addition of this final piece..:

..(which is the graphic for the desert fishing achievement), I think (for like the 5th time) I'm officially done with everything needed for the stable patch. Let's hope I'm right this time :D
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  1. I know other languages exist, but should it be "Helmut" or "Helmet"? Also, I love everything you do so hate to seem like I'm being nitpicky, but the title/background for "Souvenirs of Grindea" is so similar to the title screen that it doesn't quite match the other logos nor feel like a shop logo. But in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter as I probably wouldn't notice while playing lol.

  2. Feel like the names of the shops all follow one pattern: *insert word related to shop here* & *other word related to shop here*. The Carpet Market is a good name, but the rest are kinda boring in my opinion.
    Shop name ideas: Helmet shop? 'Hard-Headed'.
    Bakery? 'The Philosopher's Scone'.
    Shield shop? 'Bastion'.
    Potion shop? 'Alcheme, Alcheyou'.
    Weapon shop? 'Better Than Sticks'.
    Souvenir shop? 'I *heart emoji* Grindea'.
    Pottery/Jar shop... 'Pothumous' maybe? Idk, that one's kinda bad.
    The jewellery shop is fine, but you could always call it 'Iced Out'...