Spirit World, Part 4: Buckets & Teeth

And here you can see those purple-shade vines for yourself, albeit in a different room! For this room I wanted to make more things seem 'alive'. It's a theme I want to use more for these spirit world versions of each room; things being 'possessed' or seeming to come alive (by getting a face, a mouth or eye/eyes). So I put strange faces on pretty much everything that's a static piece of decoration such as the buckets and boxes (and the exit). That and more skeleton pieces, of course:

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  1. Broom on lower right looks like it's floating/upright. Will we be able to walk on puddles?

    1. It is upright! The idea is that it'll be animated by Fred later on, cleaning the room for an eternity....(oh no) :D You'll be able to walk on the puddles yes!