Monday Meeting: Ghost Ship Boss Planning

Hope you all had great holidays! Today we get back to work, and what better way of doing that than have an extensive meeting discussing the upcoming Ghost Ship boss(es)? 

We've shown you sneak peeks of the main boss, the Captain, which you will be fighting, but haven't gone into much detail yet. Our idea is that you'll battle this guy twice, but that each of those encounters will play out very differently. 

During the first encounter, his fight will be pretty straight forward spirit world themed; you won't be able to fight him unless you see him (by entering the spirit world), and he'll summon skulls and such that will force you to leave it lest you take damage. Aside from this, he'll be able to throw his sword at you, and can use telekinesis for return it to his hand. He can also use this telekinetic power to grab swords from weapon stands around the room, which will attack you separately. 

The next time you meet him, he'll have upgraded his gear, taking some of the items that were transported on the ship to aid him. This includes a giant laser sword and a cannon with the ability to produce - you know it - a bullet-hell like attack! The laser sword will have the special ability to extend and give him increased reach for his attacks, and like his original sword, it can be thrown across the room towards any players in its path. 

What's that? "Only two boss battles in this dungeon?" Well, you're right, there will be a third. It won't be the captain though, but - ...No. I think we'll save that for later ;) 
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  1. Oh my god is it gunna be Luke
    Please don't make me hurt best boy D: