Eye Boss Room (Regular Version)

This week will be rather different than a regular week, cause it's GGC week! This means we'll be helping out with the conference, judging the games made at the school and selecting the winners that will receive awards in the award ceremony the whole conference culminates in on Thursday.

This is a nice opportunity for us to hang out with some other people in the business, share ideas and learn from them and what they're doing - there will be plenty of interesting talks on work environment this year during the conference which is a very interesting topic for our industry at this time. 

I'll be updating on what we're doing every day, but it will generally be less work stuff and more expo things - but we'll still try to squeeze in a couple hours work between judging games (our office is kind of close to where the conference is held).

For today though, here's a quick finished version of the eye boss room which has so far only existed in a very basic sketch version:

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