GGC: Day 0 & 1

So, GGC has officially started and it starts with some fun!

Yesterday evening we went to a meet & greet for all the jury members for this years event, hanging out with old and new friends from the industry at fellow Visby gamedevs Eat, Create, Sleep's super cool office building.

We had some pizza and some wine, talked and played some games:

Today though, it's back to work - although not our usual kind. Instead we've spent most of the day listening to student presentations, and once I finish writing this blog post we'll be off for the booth crawl, there the jury gets to actually try out all of the games for the first time.

Some pictures from the presentations I watch, I gotta admit I'm very impressed with them this year - the presentations have all been great and everyone's english is super good compared to way back when I went to the gamedev program (one of the perks of turning it into a proper international education, I suppose):

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