Fred's Friday: All About Luke

And here we have a closer look at a bunch of those fancy Luke animations:

Exciting times!
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  1. I am a big fan of your game and follow it for quite a while now. It's cool seing it all come together now and nearing the end of the main story.

    As for the final dungeon I hope at least one thing: Please let there be two specific boss fights at the end or near the end: Ivy and a probably revived Zamla. I would really love a boss fight against Ivy who could use all kind of magic attacks since she seems to be a sorceress from her look. She could use magic attacks that are very different from the player's magic attacks (they work different and they also look different) and maybe she could even transform somehow.

    I think both her and Zamla being two incredibly powerful and the most important antagonists of that game could both have two forms, a more human and a monstrous, big form. However, I'd have a little bit of gameplay between these two boss battles. Ivy could serve as the dungeon's final boss while the revived Zamla escapes and starts wrecking havoc. You could have a shortish segment in Evergrind or Startington as it is being attacked or devastated by Zamla and only then you'll confront him in the final boss battle which should definitely be a multi phase (and form) final boss with Zamla having a wide array of cool attacks (not just the attacks from the short encounter in Tai Ming where he basically uses player skills but just like with Ivy having unique new attacks). I hope you'll go that route with these two and I also hope we will fight both Ivy and Zamla in the game. :)