The Destruction of a Ship

In Luke's boss fight, we're working on the level of destruction that will take place as he slams into the ship with his unparalleled strength! We're currently choosing between three options - one where the cracks disappear quickly:  

One where they remain a little while:

And one where they could potentially remain forever:

Right now we're leaning towards the middle option. What do you guys think? :)
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  1. I think middle is good too. If they stay forever and the fight prolongs because of a possible defensive build, I feel like all the cracks might be too distracting.
    I really liked the fight against you 3 in the collectors hq where you can notice the environment being affected but it isn't in your face. And in the fight against Zhamla, there's a lot more going on but it works there b/c of his strength and creates this epic dark feeling to the fight. My unimportant 2 cents.

  2. +1 for third option.

  3. I vote number 3, but it would also be cool if the ship breaks down more and more (not just cracks, but the whole ship gets effected), and eventually sinks if Luke does too much damage to it. (if battle goes on for too long)

  4. Another +1 for third option, it looks awesome. Ofc it would be cool to affect the whole ship, but it would take to much time to make it in the game I guess.