Ghost Ship Arcade Mode: Part 1

Today we've had a lot of interesting Arcade Mode discussions (more on that later), and we've also started working on getting those Ghost Ship floors into Arcade Mode rooms! 

There will be four room sizes, and each of them will have 4x4 types of decorations. What that means is that there's four different options for each corner in the room, much like in previous Arcade Floor designs. So essentially, the top left part (the left side of the wall) of each room can be 1 out of 4 options and combines with any of the 4 decoration options for the other parts of each room. Mix and matching this way will make the rooms more different from one another, and will hopefully reduce the repetitive feeling of going through the rooms.

Below is a bunch of options for the decorations combined together, with the top left picture being the room without any of the decorations at all. As always, each room won't have doors in every direction; but I've kept them around now for clarity:

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