Upcoming Additions, Part I

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting anything yesterday; I had a case of absolutely devastating stomach pains so I couldn't make it to work. Today it's all better though, so let's get back into it!

We've been talking a lot about the last remaining things and in what order to do them. We have a very long (about 30 pages!) document featuring ideas we'd like to implement at some point, and today we decided to go through a bunch of those things and sort them into categories being: Included in 1.0, Added Post-Release, Unsure, and Scrapped.

The things that will be included in 1.0 are things we'll start making as soon as possible, but definitely before we start work on the final dungeon. At first we were thinking of making the dungeon first, but thinking about it we'd rather get all the other bits and pieces done first, so that once the final dungeon, and with it, the finale to Story Mode gets added to the game people can start (re)playing the game from start to finish without worrying about missing out on content that will be added afterwards.

Some of the things added to that part of the list:

* Progress bar for trophies - to give you an idea of how much you've got left to do before unlocking them!

* In the card album, make the enemy icons grayed out for enemies you've encountered but haven't gotten the card of yet - just a minor graphic upgrade to make things look more clean and gives you a better idea of what cards you're missing.

* Adding more collectors, a lot of whom will appear out in the fields and areas. We don't want the player to feel like all of the collectors are just being lazy at home in Evergrind City! A lot of them are out there adventuring, just like you.

* More treasure maps; a lot have already been made but haven't yet been implemented. Make new ones for the desert.

* Add some basic PVPing to the arena.

* Add some basic shield training to the Dojo in Evergrind City

* Decide what to do about the cut off house in Evergrind; either add a bridge from the beginning or a quest in which it gets added/fixed.

* Finish up loose quest lines (such as Remedi's and Grandpa Joe & Miss Pidgy)

* Adding a few more quests I won't go into too much detail of just now!

With a lot more to come as we go through the remainder of the list (we've decided to take a little break from it now)! In other words, there will be at least a 'Part 2' of this plan, possibly more! :)
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