Upcoming Additions, Part II

Some more upcoming things that will be added before 1.0:

* An archaeologist that will be investigating the ancient ruins to the north of the farm

* The fertilizers that will make the sprouts grow and allow you to climb them. These will be found here and there throughout the game, with the last one being given to you after you beat the boss for the first time.

* A system where Quinton will rate your collection and give you a proper Collector rank depending on how much you've managed to collect this far.

* The Mansion in Evergrind South! About time you get to see what it's like in there and who lives there, isn't it?

* Reveal Trick & Treat's true forms if you talk to them in the spirit world...

* A quest to resolve the mysterious scarecrow's plight.

* The spring room in the Temple of Season's lobby

* A satisfying ending to Steve's journey to escape mushrooms

* Some sort of quest relating to the giant tree in the desert (not yet decided upon)

Even more stuff has been cut, and we've started talking about adding stuff for Halloween and Christmas updates in their respective areas (Pumpkin Woods & Seasonne). We've decided that Griddle's card game, the Puzzle Tower outside of Mount Bloom, the mandatory chicken boss you only get to meet after beating the chickens a bazillion times, and a New Game+ mode will be added after 1.0.

There's still a lot of details to iron out, and a lot of meetings to have regarding some of the remaining systems we need to fix (such as a new and improved pet system), but for now we've actually gone through most of the list for Story Mode, although there's a bunch of suggestions left to pick for Arcade Mode. Onwards we go! :)
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  1. Mini dungeon in the Desert tree! Just an idea, but could be sick and add it would flesh out the desert area a bit more. The workshop mini dungeon was one of my favourite parts of playing through Grindea, so I'm a bit biased...