Monday Meeting: Back to the Office?!

With the world around us slowly calming down a bit and more and more restrictions being lifted, we have been talking about whether or not to get back into some sort of office. The office hotel we previously used have closed down, but we do have a spare room where we live where we've previously housed guests so we're thinking about turning it into a proper office for the time being.

Today we decided that we'll start making that move within the upcoming week, so we've been making plans to move our desks and computers there as soon as it becomes available this weekend (Teddy's mom has been staying over for the last couple months due to the corona virus, but she's been intent on moving back to her apartment for quite some time, and has already started moving out most of her things).

It's possible we'll look into a more permanent office in the future, but before we make any such move we want to see a more permanent decrease in the corona virus havoc that's been going on. For now, it won't make much of a difference for the three of us to meet in the office seeing as we don't really see anyone else anyway, and I think after a couple months working from home it would be good for our motivation to get back to some proper routines and get a proper change of scenery.

So that's our upcoming plans that we discussed today while also having our yearly meeting and signing some papers for the company that we need to review yearly. Phew! Now, back to work :)
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