Pin Encyclopedia

Next step on the same topic is that we want there to be a place where you can see all of the pins that are available, as well as those you haven't seen yet. This will be viewed through the Pin Collector who will hang out in town after you've unlocked him!

Here's the progress:

Obviously each of the icons will be replaced with the corresponding Pin. The questionmark icons will signify a pin you haven't seen yet but that you could find any run, while the lock means it's a Pin you've yet to unlock. We haven't yet decided if we will have pins you will unlock, but we've talked about having a new batch of pins unlock as a reward for certain quests or certain progression milestones; how do you guys feel about that?
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  1. Maybe there could be a pool of, say, 20 pins and doing a run would unlock one of them. So your 20 first runs would unlock a pin, which could keep interest for players just starting the Arcade mode.

    1. the current pool of pins is 100

    2. Not all of them need to be unlocked this way.