A New Mini Game

So, in the next patch, which will be available any day now (and is already if you're on the Meatshield version of the beta - that is, the version that gets the super early, barely tested stuff), there will be a bunch of different new stuff, but among my favourites is this new mini game!

Turns out that Fark, our sound designer, has moved in to the north of Port Monnaie, and here he'll be offering you a mini game where you have to guess which sound effect belongs to which creature! 

Get it right, and a green check mark will appear, after which the next sound will play... 

...get it wrong, though, and you'll have to start from the beginning!

The first time you succeed in this challenge, you'll be rewarded with a housing item that plays various sounds in the background! After you've unlocked the item, you are able to do the challenge any number of times you'd like, just for fun. Will you be able to guess all of the sounds? :o

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