Fred's Friday: Grindea Design Iterations

In Fred's department, it's been all about figuring out the look for one of the most important characters in the game that hasn't yet appeared in the game in her physical form.... That is, of course, Grindea! She'll appear as part of the ending, so we've been figuring out how to illustrate her form by having Fred make a ton of sketches! 

Here you can see the progress of how it's evolved: 

Originally, we envisioned her as more of an ordinary character, but in the end we went for a bit more shapeless approach, and so these last two are our current favourites! What do you guys think? 

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1 comment:

  1. I guess ultimately it depends on how and why she will come at the end (not that I wanna spoil it for myself). But honestly, I kind of like the more humanoid form. It's different than everything else in the game, and the shapeless one feels more like a final boss that came out of nowhere (like a lot of Final Fantasy bosses). But I'm just a faceless commentator who will love anything yall put out.