Loading Screen Improvements

Now, some of these things are a bit placeholder-y, one of them being the fonts and overall design of the texts used. For example, I'm not too fond of the readability in the sound design teams part of the load screen, with it being on two rows and a bit hard to read overall: 

So I made a couple suggestions making it look a bit more streamlined and less in your face: 

For the cloudy load screen part, there was a bit of a font issue as well. Here's what it looked like before: 

And here are some suggested improvements, with this first one being my personal favourite (although we haven't made any final decisions regarding which one we'll pick yet): 

Finally, with this new load screen appearing, I felt like the old in-game load screen between areas look a bit lame (it was one of the very first things we added to the game, after all!) so I made a little mockup of what a new version could look like, tying back to the pre-game load screen we're implementing right now: 

The text on the left will be replaced by the usual gameplay tips, I just didn't have them on hand so I picked a random rat fact for now! The idea is that the clouds will be floating slowly across the sky, with possibly the occasional bird flying across - although hopefully the game won't load for so long between areas that you'll have to spend any longer amounts of time looking at it haha!
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1 comment:

  1. Lol I like the random rat fact. I think the text for the sound teams is an improvement. As far as the clouds loading screen, I personally like the 2nd one (gradient effect makes it look like a bar is loading).

    I also kind of liked the original black loading screens with tips and loading centered but new one would work too.