Grindea Battle Sketches, Part 1

In Teddy's department, it's all about the battle against  Grindea, a battle we're getting more and more excited about!

The idea is that she'll have two forms: one "regular sized" form, where she'll be pretty much player sized and have a bunch of different moves. Here's a couple ideas we've thrown together - big warning that we're using a LOT of placeholder graphics in these, just to get a feel for the mechanics: 

And as a bonus, here's our very first test, before any mechanics at all were added, just a very basic Grindea running around in a circle (square?). Pretty cool how iterations work, and how we'll soon go from the placeholder graphic versions above to stuff with finalized art. This is probably one of my personal favourite parts of game design, seeing how things go from something basic and crude to more fleshed out and detailed designs!

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