Final Chest Rewards

We've also been discussing what sort of rewards you'll get from that chest in the final room before battling either Bishop or Grindea! We want the player to get plenty of rewards, at least three for each level of difficulty, so it won't just be a reward for the first time you reach the top!

Some of our suggestions so far include: 

A diploma that shows you made it. Can be hung on the wall of your house, where it can be inspected showing a proper fancy diploma stating you reached the top floor. 

A lood trinket that allows you to keep a Lood with you on your runs. 

A Record player which is a furniture item that will change the music inside your house. 

Riley as a NPC in Arcadia, who can change the music both in Arcadia and on your runs. 

Angel Wings and Demon Wings to decorate your character. We'll have to try out how this looks with the character's animations, but if it doesn't work out we'll add them as hat versions instead. 

A trinket that makes you character levitate when moving and in idle. 

A trinket that gives you the same colour scheme as Grindea

and a Cloud hat! no particular order. Do you have any suggestions of your own? We'd love to hear them! 

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