Monday Meeting: New Arcade Mode Stuff

Now, it's not just the ending of Arcade Mode that we're working on, but also expanding it and cleaning it up so it's all nice and polished. In this Monday's meeting, we came up with two new rooms we'd like to try:

First up, a room where you meet the fortune teller Astrid, who tells you which boss is at the end of the floor, and offers you an opportunity to change your fate (that is, for her to change the boss for another one in the pool). Whether or not this will cost you anything we haven't decided yet - but it's likely it'll cost a bit of gold. 

The second room we'd like to add is a "Caveling Casino" where you pay gold OR essence for a chance of getting one of a pool of items, which you'll be able to see beforehand. The items can be things such as equips, buffs, pins, HP pots, or maybe just an apple... We're considering giving you two chances as well, so if you spent gold on one try, you can spend essence on another - but no more than that. 

This addition of essence as a currency on a run is something we'll likely experiment a bit more with as well, giving you more ways to spend that stuff :) 

Finally, we've decided to try out a pretty big change - but I'll have to make a couple tests first to make sure it feels alright... And that is to have each of the shops and special character's rooms in a run appear inside a specially designed map just for them instead of having them sit in the middle of an ordinary room. So basically the merchant would actually appear in a shop, shadier merchant might appear in a creepy temple like setting, and so on. However, since we don't want to give away what kind of room you'll enter in the case of event rooms, I'm gonna have to play around with making an entrance to the house which makes it feel like you came from the outside even though you as a player didn't see an actual building to enter. It may not make much sense now, but I'll make a couple tests and you'll see!

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  1. I'd rather the boss switch have varied costs, such as having to trade away an item or 2, or giving away some health!

  2. What I'll also say with essence as a currency it'd be good if it was small costs.

    I'd prefer to see the essence use extended in the town so maybe some new extra special buildings can be purchasable for essence? Maybe they could provide some sort of bonus for future runs or have some special npcs with quests or something.

  3. Agreed with above poster about using essence in town. Maybe for those who are addicted and have already purchased the permanent items, essence could be used to provide temporary buffs for future runs (Not sure how this might affect those who want to compete for score).