And here's what it'll look like what the shop is shared with Little John, who will let you upgrade your bow: 

This week is all about the shop, which will now get a proper indoor map, where it'll share its space with either Little John, Farmer Oak or a potion salesman that allows you to change which pots you have equipped. For now though, let's start with the regular shopkeepers part of the room: 


 In Teddy's department, let's take a look at a new interface of sorts, featuring Bishop as he provides you with a bet! Now he'll appear in the lower right corner to remind you of the bet you've taken:

Once you finish the bet, he'll disappear, as shown above, and appear in the middle of the map instead!

 Now, time for a newbackground! This one features the Spa, where your character can regain some HP by standing in the enchanted pool: 

 Next up, in preparation for another one of the rooms, I've made a bunch of Super Potions. These potions can be bought from a potion salesman that appears in questionmark rooms, and the potions themselves are stronger and last longer. To start of with, the potion salesman will present you with one random potion of the selection below, but if you pay up some essence you'll be able to unlock a second slot in his shop which will also feature a random potion: 

 Next up, I've made a test for a portrait of that fae that comes along to help you fight against bosses (for a fee). However, this is only the first try, and after some discussions we've decided we're probably gonna give him a slightly different look, making him look a bit more badass. For now though, here's the old version: 

In this Monday Meeting, it's been all about perks! We haven't had a lot of those before, so we've spent some time thinking about what more interesting ones we could add. Here's a list of our current ideas: 

* A perk that gives a low chance of pins dropping from defeated enemies

* Arrows deal more damage

* Bigger chance of getting a specific type of event room (we want at least one of these for the fishing rooms, since it can be quite a challenge to catch all of the fishes, however, we haven't decided 100% yet if this will be a perk or a quest or an item of some sort)

* Bigger chance of Loods appearing

* A perk that guaratees that you'll get a pin as a reward after a challenge win

* A perk that gives you x gold at the start of every new floor

* Bigger chance of getting card drops from enemies

* A slightly wider selection of items in the shop

* A perk that lets you start with an HP potion

* A perk that gives you a good 1h weapon at floor 5 

* Same as above but for 2H weapons and magical weapons respectively

Do you have any ideas for more perks? Let us know what you'd like to see! :)

 Time for another one of those Grindea battle updates! Here, let's take a look at two more of her moves, still a bit WIP but it's looking better and better for sure:

 Another couple upgrades we've been working on is a proper preview window for Shadier Merchant, which compared your items to the ones on display as you approach: 

As well as a nice blue warning for the main menu when your save is incompatible (previously it was brown, as can be seen below): 

Finally when it comes to Arcade Mode event room entrances, we have the Ghost Ship, the Desert, Tai Ming and Mount Bloom: 

As a continuation of the last post, some more stuff we'd like to add to Arcade Mode:

* Maraccas, who will show up in later floors, letting you exchange silver points for talent orbs, just like in Story Mode

* Trick & Treat buff service which will give you quite a powerful buff - but will also include quite a massive debuff. For example, in an early floor you might get a skill leveled to max, but you're not allowed to use any other skills or your shield. 

* A Trade Up Guy who will take three of your items of the same kind and exchange them for a better version of them

* A Lood room, which is an event room with a lot of loods and one big master lood who is a NPC of sorts

* The Ice Cream parlor, where you can make your own ice cream that gives you different boosts depending on which flavours you pick 

* A person who shows up at the beginning of the last floor you died, or possibly after you've died at the same floor a number of times, selling buffs that will last until the end of the floor

If you have any other ideas for event rooms or fun things to happen throughout a run, be sure to make a comment! :) 

It's another Monday, and another meeting, and in this one we're discussing more stuff to add to the final update of Arcade Mode. Here's a bunch of our new suggestions in terms of events and event rooms you may come across during a run:

* First up, an event room that's a spa where you can pick up a couple health orbs, just a nice little treat that may show up once in a while

* A potion salesman that sells "bootleg" potions that last longer than the ones you have equipped normally. These potions are usable items you can use whenever you like but will last longer and possibly be a bit stronger. 

* A version of the fortune teller room in which you can change the boss of the floor, but for the next event room! In this room Astrid the fortune teller will let you know what event room is the next to spawn, and you'll be able to let her swap it out for another one, for a fee. 

* A "Boss Assistance Fae", a fae adventurer that may show up randomly in a room and help you clear it out, only to suggest you employ his assistance in battling the boss. Of course, having his assistance will cost you! This fae may also show up occasionally in Astrid's Fortune telling room where she predicts which boss you'll face off against next. 

* We're also discussing having floor wide bets, where Bishop will appear at the start of a floor and give you a bet across the whole floor, such as clearing the floor within a limited time!

 In Grindea's -- I mean Fred's department, more Grindea animations are being made, of course! With this being possibly the most epic boss in the entire game, there will of course be a ton of animations to go with it: 

 Next, the Temple of Season entrances, which will need one for each one of the seasons. In this batch I've thrown in the Flying Fortress floor one as well: 

 Now with the first tests out of the way, it's time to make the same entrances for all of the different areas! Let's start with a bunch of the more forest-y floors:

 Next up we return to the Arcade Mode outdoors-to-indoors transitions, with a complete test featuring doors in every direction (except north): 

I'm gonna start off by doing entrances like this to the sides and south first, and will possibly only do entrances from the north in special cases since it will affect the layout of each interior quite a bit - we'll see how many different houses we end up with where that might be a problem!

We're back from our break and we'll jump straight in with a Monday Meeting!

Today we've had a lot of discussions about the very final parts of Arcade Mode, namely your battle against Grindea. Among other things, we've decided you won't be able to bring any time crystals with you to this battle - instead, they'll be replaced by health potions.  

You will get a chance to prepare well for the battle though - we're planning on adding a bazaar like area where all of the merchants of various kinds will be available, such as the regular merchant, shadier merchant, Little John and the Nurse! You'll also receive a health orb at the start of this area, just like you would when you reach any regular floor. 

Another thing we're planning on adding to Arcade Mode that will also appear in the bazaar is a shop where you can buy pins from the Pin Collector! As with shadier merchant, you'll get a selection of three, but instead of paying with gold (or your life...) you have to trade essence to get one! This is the second area in which we introduce essence as a currency throughout a run, with the Caveling Casino being the first. You'll also only get to pick one pin - after you've made your selection the collector and his pins will disappear, so make your choice carefully!

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