Monday Meeting: Grindea & Time Crystals

We're back from our break and we'll jump straight in with a Monday Meeting!

Today we've had a lot of discussions about the very final parts of Arcade Mode, namely your battle against Grindea. Among other things, we've decided you won't be able to bring any time crystals with you to this battle - instead, they'll be replaced by health potions.  

You will get a chance to prepare well for the battle though - we're planning on adding a bazaar like area where all of the merchants of various kinds will be available, such as the regular merchant, shadier merchant, Little John and the Nurse! You'll also receive a health orb at the start of this area, just like you would when you reach any regular floor. 

Another thing we're planning on adding to Arcade Mode that will also appear in the bazaar is a shop where you can buy pins from the Pin Collector! As with shadier merchant, you'll get a selection of three, but instead of paying with gold (or your life...) you have to trade essence to get one! This is the second area in which we introduce essence as a currency throughout a run, with the Caveling Casino being the first. You'll also only get to pick one pin - after you've made your selection the collector and his pins will disappear, so make your choice carefully!

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