Monday Meeting: Rethinking the Final Dungeon

So you saw the mysterious elevator from last week, and you probably wonder: what on earth is going on with that? Well, after a lot of thought and discussions regarding final dungeons, we pretty much all felt like maybe we're just dragging things out a bit too much, and perhaps all you want to do is get into some action and get to that/those final boss(es). 

So what gives? Well, we've decided that - for now at least - scrap our previous designs for the final dungeon and go with a boss rush mode, featuring slightly reworked versions of some of the previous bosses, one after another, on said elevator as you move your way up in the tower to reach Dad and figure out what the heck is going on! 

Of course, if we feel like this version isn't any good, we'll revert back to the old idea, which we do have a bunch of backgrounds for already anyway. But for now, we're gonna try out the boss rush elevator idea, and see how we feel about it. We've even more or less finalized a list of potential bosses for it:

Shadow Slime (a dark Giga Slime)
2x Phasemen and GUN-D4M (not at the same time, but part of the same battle)
4x Hydras (introducing the spring hydra - which we have a bunch of ideas for, ranging from it spawning green thorn bushes to spawning the poisonflowers from Tai Ming) 
Powerflower, aided by bees (I'm sorry)
and Mimic, phase 2!

In other words, a pretty epic boss rush - though the exact bosses and what new attacks they might have is still in the works.

How do you guys feel about this potential change? Yay or nay?

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  1. Well, to be honest not having a final dungeon might feel underwhelming. Dungeons are a big part of the game so not having one before the final boss might feel like something is lacking.
    I love dungeons, and I love even more big dungeons. There's definitely some bias there. There probably are people that want to fight the final boss as soon as possible.

    Maybe the best course of action would be to have the elevator boss rush to access the final boss, and a post-game optionnal dungeon for those that are into that, so everyone is satisfied? Sadly, it obviously requires a lot of additional work (though some work has already been done).

  2. I'd really like to see the spring hydra!

  3. Well now I'm torn. I too really want to see that spring Hydra and a boss rush sounds cool! But I also would love to have a final dungeon as a kind of "epilogue" to that side of the secrets of grindea story mode experience.

  4. I like the boss rush idea, but I do think you could still keep the final dungeon alive in addition to it (though in a much smaller scope than the original concept).
    For example, the elevator may be the only way up, and Dad has flown to the top. The elevator is powered down, however, and requires a power source. "There must be a power source around here somewhere. Let's go look kid."
    You could either grind your way to a power source drop via "dark" reskins of the regular enemies from throughout the game (sent by Dad to slow you down) in a classic dungeon visual aesthetic, or you could go through a series of arcade mode style battles in area themed groupings. Again, it could be done with a consistent, generic dungeon aesthetic and I think it would still work great. Once you get the power source, it's on to the boss rush and the end of the game.
    Just a thought!