Personal Blog Pause

Hey guys! This might come as a bit of a surprise, since I'm sure a bunch of you were expecting a regular blog post around this time. However, I've decided to take a little break from this blog. 

My reasoning for this is that as we draw ever closer to completing the game, I am getting more and more tasks that won't produce any good blog posts - there's a lot of smaller editing of things I've already made, big backgrounds that take several days to make but only make one post, a lot of administrative work and work on the (pdf) book on our development process, all things that wouldn't be very interesting to post about here. Also, my promise to myself (and you) has been to update this blog every weekday, so during times where there aren't a lot of blog-worthy tasks I tend to spend a lot of energy trying to "find" something to work on that would make a nice blog post anyway, instead of actually doing the work that needs to be done at that moment. Overall not a great combo!

Don't worry, however! Our main development blog over on the main site will go on as normal and have a new post every Monday :) This is basically just me trying to streamline things and not have to worry about having something interesting to post every single day, even during longer stretches of time where I've been doing other kinds of work for the game. 

We'll see what the future holds - perhaps I'll go back to updating here once I have more interesting stuff to show, of keep this for more personal work stuff. Either way, thank you so much for following me all these years, your comments have been great and I'm so glad for each and every one of you! 

See you on the main site! :D

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  1. Sad to lose track of the last sign that this game is still updating...

    1. Don't worry, as mentioned in the post the devblog over on the main site will go on as normal and have a new post every Monday: :) So the only thing changing from a readers point if view is that the content won't be shown here in smaller pieces first.

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