This Week’s AI Art

Some more recently generated AI art!

This Week’s AI Art

Some of my recently generated AI art pieces.

AI-Assisted Portrait of Ivy

How I made a portrait of Master Ivy with the help of an AI!

More AI Art

Last week I talked about the complexity of AI art and the many ways one can feel about it. This week I thought we might just try to enjoy some of it!

‘Starry Sky with Cats’, or Musings on AI-Generated Art

AI-art, yay or nay? In this post I'll share my thoughts on this brand new art form.

Misc Project – New Website

This week has been busy! Not only am I on the home stretch of the last bits of Secrets of Grindea graphic assets, I also started making this blog, which is what has taken most of the time I have alotted for other projects.