This Week’s AI Art: Cherry Blossoms II

A second batch of beautiful cherry blossoms!

Tales of Grindea Update #18: Analysing Characters

This week I've gone through the Secrets of Grindea dialogue of each of the characters that will appear in both Tales of Grindea and SoG, writing down notes on how they speak and any specific words they like to use!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #545: Outlines & Cutscene Animations

In this weekly recap we take a look at the new revamped outline and some cutscene animations!

This Week’s AI Art: Cherry Blossoms I

Some more of those beautiful cherry blossoms the AI so masterfully renders.

Tales of Grindea Update #17: A Summary

Last week I talked about the basics of the outline. This week I'll go a bit more in depth!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #544: Fonts & Fiends

Production book stuff and more Frosty Fiend in this week's SoG recap!

This Week’s AI Art: Castles

This week's AI art batch is all about castles! Or at least some of the most recent ones I've been generating :)

Tales of Grindea Update #16: Having a Rest

This week I've let the outline rest for a bit! Why? Read the post and find out!

Secrets of Grindea Recap #543: Frosty Fiend & Book Design

This week we have some more Frosty Fiend progress, as well as some design ideas for the production book!

This Week’s AI Art: A Different Style

For this week's batch of AI-art I've been playing around with trying to have it make a bit more "cartoony" style.