Finally, let's end the week with a portrait! I actually forgot I still had two more to make for the second Tai Ming zone. Guess I got a little bit too excited about starting to make backgrounds for Puzzle World!
Time to do one of these mixed bag posts again, where I show you some stuff I've gone back to fix from previous posts, or just new additions that aren't big enough to get a post of their own!

This room in Puzzle World is a little bit different - as you can see. It's been sponsored by the Flying Fortress crew, and so it has been decorated to look like a room in Flying Fortress - only with wallpapers and a fake floor... :)

And now, the work on Puzzle World continues! Today we're gonna transform the Statue Room into it's sorry present state. Since this will be the first room to be turned into a present version, it's extra important to get everything right since a bunch of the props, such as the planks, will be reused in upcoming rooms. 
Well, I already moved on to the Puzzle World stuff, but there was one final thing left to do for Tai Ming's second zone (aside from any fixes and/or additions we might add later on): the Giant Thorn-Worm boss portrait!
Time for one of those mixed bags, of sorts! Before moving on to making the first present version of the Puzzle World rooms, I wanted to fix a few things in the rooms that were made already. Just some tiny stuff, but some things that I feel will improve the area a bit.
And now: the first actual puzzle room of this brand-new theme park! This one is focused on statues, but solving it won't be as easy as you might have thought - you see, the guys building the puzzle haven't actually finished it yet, so you'll have to figure out another way to get out of here.. :)
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