Continuing work on the patch, these are the last bunch of additions before it goes live (as I type this out, it might even have gone live already!)

((Actually I now know it has, since this post, as usual with the Friday posts, has been delayed ;)))

But also, of course, the math genius obsessed with the number 3 himself. Unfortunately, he's no longer of this world, but what does that matter when you can have a peek into the spirit world and talk to him there? 

Now, there's some more collectors that need faces, so let's take a look at one such guy:  

 Following the northern exit from the previous cave, you reach a small math puzzle, and, if you manage to solve it (good luck!) it'll lead you to yet another cave containing a small reward: 

This week it's back to doing some background stuff, starting with a cave in Seasonne which has been long forgotten! This is the home of a guy obsessed with math and specifically the number 3. Let's have a peek at his old home: 

 Meanwhile, Fred keeps polishing up the last remaining effects and things happening for this patch, as well as sending off a video with instructions to our sound designer! Here's another sneak peek of that upcoming strange demon creature in the bonus Pumpkin Woods map:

 And here we have her beloved father, who at some point in the near future will seek your help in saving his daughter: 

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