And finally, the skeleton warrior card, which has unfortunately lost his head: 

Third, the Hauntie card, where Dr. Spengler is keeping an eye out for those scary ghosts, only to completely miss the fact that they're all behind her!

The second card is the skeleton mage card, summoning a bunch of those scary that block your path in the spirit world: 

Time for a week of card making :D We'll start it off with the card for the crab enemy (which we call Crabby for now):

And finally, a bunch of equipment plus the appearance of the strange device that allows you to look into the ghost world!

Next, some things dropped by the crab, a bottle of rum, a skull made for housing and the strange twilight core: 

And now, some drop and equipment fiesta! First, the things that will get dropped by the skeleton enemies, plus a couple of Hauntie drops: 

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