Since out goal is to bring the second Tai Ming zone to Frontline this weekend (not sure we'll make it yet, but here's to hoping), I decided to post this third and final (!!!!) Zone02 Mixed Bag today instead of Sunday!

Today, I've been working on what will likely be the last portrait in Zone02! This is Nolea, a character that's a homage to the main character of CrossCode~

Second part of the final bunch of Tai Ming Zone02 Mixed Bags! 

Okay, we're moving ever closer to releasing the second part of Tai Ming, and so I've been busting out a ton of tiny additions and fixes to bring it all together!

Second part of this scene is all about the backdrop! And what else would it contain, but your old home, the Pillar Mountains?

Today I've gone back outside, in a way, making the final area of Puzzle World! As you can see from the preview picture, it has very little to do with Puzzle World itself, though...

So, today we had another design meeting (as mentioned yesterday), where we talked about what we wanted to add or change with the second Tai Ming zone.

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