A Mixed Bag

Small updates on what's going on with all of my current projects.

Tales of Grindea Update #25: Short Haircolours

Another set of hair colours, this time for the shorter hairstyle.

Tales of Grindea Update #24: Ponytail Colours

Trying out six different hair colours to choose from!

Tales of Grindea Update #22: Main Character Colors

This time I present to you, two portrait options for the main character, in color!

Tales of Grindea Update #22: Haircut Options

This week I've been sketching a ton of different haircut options for the main character!

Tales of Grindea Update #21: Fast Fashion

Some more MC developments, this time sorting out what sort of clothes they'll wear!

Tales of Grindea Update #20: MC Thoughts

This week I've thought a lot about the main character's design, and made a couple of very early sketches.

Tales of Grindea Update #19: Introducing Your Character

In this week's Tales of Grindea update I'll be discussing two different ideas on how to incorporate the character editor into the visual novel!

Tales of Grindea Update #18: Analysing Characters

This week I've gone through the Secrets of Grindea dialogue of each of the characters that will appear in both Tales of Grindea and SoG, writing down notes on how they speak and any specific words they like to use!