Characterization Through Dialogue

In this week's Tales of Grindea post, I mentioned I've been going through the dialogue of some of Teddy's characters from Secrets of Grindea that I will write new lines for in our visual novel project. This is a super important step in getting the characters right when they're originally written by someone else -...

Podcast Recommendation: Rex Factor

Whether you're a history buff, a writer, or simply looking for an engaging podcast, Rex Factor is totally worth a listen - and that's why I'm recommending it in today's post! :)

Eadburh, Evil(?) Queen of Wessex

The story of an infamous queen, who was so hated that subsequent queens of Wessex were doomed to be silenced, powerless and completely written out of history for almost 200 years.

Using AI to Visualize and Inspire Your Characters

One of the many amazing features of AI is that it can help so much when it comes to creativity - and one such way is to have an AI art generator create new characters for you!

Writing Prompt: Random Wikipedia Articles

How to use Wikipedia as an endless writing prompt generator.

AI Assisted Writing? OpenAI on the Case!

A couple weeks ago I decided to give OpenAI's Playground an attempt to see how it could help fuel inspiration for my writing projects.

Story Inspiration: Agrippina the Younger

Every once in a while I'll tell you about a person or event in history that could be used to inspire your novels or games. This time, we'll take a look at Agrippina the Younger, sister and mother of two mad emperors and one of the most badass women in history.

Using Pinterest to Visualize Your Story

Do any of you still use Pinterest? It used to be popular ages ago, but seems to have fallen behind in the world of social media in recent days. I've mostly used it for work - and continue doing so to this day. Here's how.

NaNoWriMo – For Writers, and Game Developers?

What is NaNoWriMo and how can it help with your writing and gamedev projects?