John William Waterhouse

One of my all time favourite artists is the old master John William Waterhouse. Here's a bunch of his work to get you inspired!

Online Dieting & Finding Time to Do the Things You Really Love

Do you spend too much time on social media? Finding memes or funny videos makes our brain feel like it has done something rewarding - but when you look back at the end of the day, how much time have you spent on the things you truly wanted to do?

Takahashi Macoto: the Vintage Manga Master

An inspiring gallery featuring one of my absolute #1 favourite illustrators! A must see for anyone wanting to master the shoujo manga art style.

Eadburh, Evil(?) Queen of Wessex

The story of an infamous queen, who was so hated that subsequent queens of Wessex were doomed to be silenced, powerless and completely written out of history for almost 200 years.

Using AI to Visualize and Inspire Your Characters

One of the many amazing features of AI is that it can help so much when it comes to creativity - and one such way is to have an AI art generator create new characters for you!

Swedish Christmas Gnomes by Jenny Nyström

It's the midst of christmas celebrations here in Sweden, so what better time to share with you one of Swedens national treasures: the christmas illustrations of Jenny Nyström!

Writing Prompt: Random Wikipedia Articles

How to use Wikipedia as an endless writing prompt generator.

AI Assisted Writing? OpenAI on the Case!

A couple weeks ago I decided to give OpenAI's Playground an attempt to see how it could help fuel inspiration for my writing projects.

Style Inspiration: Greg Rutkowski

Highlighting Greg Rutkowski, an amazing artist whose style we've seen copied a lot in AI generation.

Learning from Kindergartners

Examining a Twitter thread on how we can learn from kindergartners when it comes to overthinking projects and learning by doing.