Nostalgia and Marketing

Today I've gone down memory lane and checked out pretty much everyone who ever played Secrets of Grindea and recorded a video!

A Starry Backdrop II

And now it's time to render the background I showed you a sketch of last week!

A Starry Backdrop

One of the very final scenes in the game will take place above the blue skies, in space, where Grindea herself has one of her dwellings. We thought a lot about how to do the transition between blue sky and starlit night, and after having tried out a bunch of gradient options, we decided to...

A Frosty Background

Another thing needed for these final parts of Secrets of Grindea is a proper background for the Frosty Fiend portion of Zhamla's boss battle!

A Different Kind of HP-Bar

Today I've made a new kind of HP-bar as part of the boss battle against Zhamla!

New Speech Bubbles

In the final battle in Story Mode, Bag and Braazlet will have some lines mid-battle in speech bubble form. In order to make this look its best I made some new graphics to go with the bubbles, and took the opportunity to update the speech bubbles used by other artefacts earlier in the game (=...


This week I'm preparing for Secrets of Grindeas release for real, by making lists of what media outlets, streamers or youtubers we believe could be interested in the game.

A Mixed Bag

Small updates on what's going on with all of my current projects.

And a Bunch of New Items!

This week I've also spent making some new items! Some paw prints for the housing system, an accessory and a new hat!

Collector’s HQ – Extended BG

Today we'll look at some more stuff for Secrets of Grindea! This time I've made an extended background for the final scene in the true ending, where the camera will be able to scroll up past the Collector's HQ and into the skies above for the credits.