Style Inspiration: Jasmin Darnell

One of my absolute favourite artists, Jasmin Darnell has a great way with lineart. So much detail and such a beautiful style.

Style Inspiration: Heikala

If you're into cute and cozy watercolor art, Heikala would be my one recommendation to check out!

John William Waterhouse

One of my all time favourite artists is the old master John William Waterhouse. Here's a bunch of his work to get you inspired!

Takahashi Macoto: the Vintage Manga Master

An inspiring gallery featuring one of my absolute #1 favourite illustrators! A must see for anyone wanting to master the shoujo manga art style.

Using AI to Visualize and Inspire Your Characters

One of the many amazing features of AI is that it can help so much when it comes to creativity - and one such way is to have an AI art generator create new characters for you!

Swedish Christmas Gnomes by Jenny Nyström

It's the midst of christmas celebrations here in Sweden, so what better time to share with you one of Swedens national treasures: the christmas illustrations of Jenny Nyström!

Style Inspiration: Greg Rutkowski

Highlighting Greg Rutkowski, an amazing artist whose style we've seen copied a lot in AI generation.

Style Inspiration: Alphonse Mucha

Every once in a while, I'll use Thursday's post to showcase one of my favourite artists and their work! This time, that will be Alphonse Mucha.

Using Pinterest to Visualize Your Story

Do any of you still use Pinterest? It used to be popular ages ago, but seems to have fallen behind in the world of social media in recent days. I've mostly used it for work - and continue doing so to this day. Here's how.

The World of Reference Pictures

Musings on reference art and my favourite place to get it.