I've had a lot to think about these past days. Uprooting myself from my home, going back to where I spent a lot of my youth, planning some sort of new future. Right now, everything is up in the air: perhaps most importantly, I don't know if I will continue working on games after Secrets...

Into the Woods

Sometimes when you're unsure of what path to take going forward, life chooses for you.

Week 2 with Serafina & Kamikaza

An update on how the two new cats are doing :)

Cat Adoption – Serafina & Kamikaza

A little update on the cat adoption - Serafina & Kamikaza are here!

Cats & Fans

This week has been a week of small home improvements. Our kitchen fan broke down and was replaced, I dismantled and sold a wardrobe and put together an IKEA sofa/bed combo. Also, cats!

A Week of Cats

This week I've spent most of my free time at the cat shelter. It's probably one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life - even after just a few days you notice a big difference in how secure and comfortable the cats feel around you, and it's nice to be able to...

A Furniture Project, Part 2

We actually finished building the shelf! And it doesn't even look half bad (in my opinion).

A Furniture Project

This week we started doing something we've never done before - we designed a TV-stand!

The Cat Shelter

This week I went to the local shelter and met with some super adorable stray cats!

On Friday the 13th and Luck

Friday the 13th is a day that is typically seen as one especially unlucky day. With recent events around the house, you might think this entire year has been nothing but bad luck for me. But I don't agree - In fact, I feel especially lucky this year. Let me tell you why!