Secrets of Grindea Recap #531: Ruins of a Final Battle

Welcome to the first Secrets of Grindea recap on this blog, and the 531st of the game! If you’re new to these recaps, be sure to check out the archives at the game’s official website.

If you’re a previous Secrets of Grindea fan, you know what it’s all about – showing some of the progress we’ve made on the game since last week. For the most part this is far from everything we’ve made, but we try to select the most important pieces, or those that are at least most visually pleasing, to avoid boring you with minute details and the smaller things.

A Ruined Battle Background

This week it’s time to show one of the final backgrounds of the game: the ruined version of the final battle room. This is what will remain after you’ve battled through one of the two final battles and will set the stage for the true final battle – should you manage to get there.

The idea is that the darkness beyond the walls will be replaced by the starry sky background used in a couple other places in the game – but the game engine will handle that:

Work in Progress
Finished Version

Most of the work this week has been done on the final bunch of cutscenes for the game – thing we try won’t show you too much from due to spoilers. However, here’s a little sneak peek of another character that will make an appearance – young Faita from Mount Bloom.

Grown-Up Faita to the left, young on the right

What do you guys think she has got to do with this? 🙂

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