More AI Art

Last week I talked about the complexity of AI art and the many ways one can feel about it. This week I thought we might just try to enjoy some of it. Here’s some of the AI art I’ve been generating these last couple of weeks:

Various Blog Assets

Made to illustrate different types of blog posts, whether they’re about writing or art related.

Quills & Ink


Based on the prompt “Moon Goddess with Stars in Her Hair”, as I wanted inspiration for a character in one of my writing projects! Almost all of the results showed a woman with both light and dark hair (which can be seen in three of the four examples below if you look closely). Pretty cool to see that the AI had a pretty specific idea in mind when it came to Moon Goddesses’ hair!


These were based on the prompt ‘Cozy medieval village’. I absolutely love the atmosphere in these, and while it may be quite far from my usual art style I really like this more realistic style as well.

All of these were made with NightCafé. It’s a neat site that gives you credits (5 every day) with which you can generate AI art for free. The site offers many different algorithms to tinker with as well as daily art challenges to spark your imagination. While I may not use these pictures for anything else I find them very pleasant to look like and playing around with the algorithms is great fun for a couple minutes each day (enough time to use up those 5 credits). Check it out!

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